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Sentence of the Day


Ambulatory care clinic timings
Clinic Timings

  1. OPDS on all weekdays
  2. D2 slot on every Tuesday 
  3. Department administration 
  4. In patient rounds and referrals
  5. Invited member for PHD synopsis
  6. Facility Endoscopy procedure
  7. Academic session between 8.30 to 9.30 all days expect Saturday and Sunday
  8. Telemed class Wednesday between 2.30 and3.30pm
  9. Intensive DM/DNB teaching program once a year for students across the country
  10. In Addition to the patient care in G-block following are the actives in medical center

  1. OPD on all weekdays
  2. D2 slot on every Friday
  3. Transplant Hepatology and liver transplant program facilitation
  4. Endoscopy
  5. In patient rounds and referrals.

  1. G Block OPD and In-patient care
  2. G Block reference
  3. Perform endoscopy services