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Sentence of the Day

Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy

Clinical focus

Dermatology is a specialized area of medicine that focuses on conditions that affect your skin, nails, hair and your mucous membrane. We, can identify and treat more than 3,000 conditions. The skin acts as an mirror for multiple internal conditions sometimes helpful in early diagnosis of multiple internal diseases. We provide comprehensive diagnostics and treatment for healthy skin care . Our Department offers advanced and superior therapies and cosmetic dermatology to experience the gift of healthy and glowing skin 

Apart from routine consultations we also conduct  speciality clinics on daily basis catering to the needs of  patients with long-term skin ailments.

1. Monday- Vitiligo clinic
2. Tuesday- Psoriasis Clinic
3. Wednesday- Leprosy Clinic
4. Thursday- Eczema Clinic
5. Friday - Sexually Transmitted diseases clinic
6. Saturday- Auto-immune bulluos disorders and connective tissue diseases clinic

We also have a side-lab within our department for performing tests to aid our diagnosis. 

1. KOH mount
2. Wet mount
3. Grams stain
4. Slit skin smear 
5. Tzanck smear 
6. Trichogram- for hair analysis
7. Patch testing- for detecting skin allergies

1. Electrocautery, Radiofrequency ablation: for skin tags, warts, etc
2. Cryotherapy: for warts
3. Phototherapy: for vitiligo, psoriasis, parapsoriasis, etc
4. Vitiligo surgery
5. Nail surgery
6. Corn removal
7. Ear lobe repair
8. Sebaceous cyst removal

1. Chemical peels- for pigmentation, acne, facial rejuvenation
2. Hydrafacial- for skin rejuvenation
3. Microdermabrasion- for skin rejuvenation
4. Dermaroller- for scars, facial rejuvenation
5. PRP(Platelet rich pasma): for hairfall, scars, facial rejuvenation
6. Diode laser- For laser hair reduction
7. Nd-YAG laser- for pigmentation, moles, freckles, tattoo removal, facial rejuvenation 
8. Ablative CO2 laser- for removal of warts, skin tag,etc
9. Micro-needling RF- for scar treatment and facial rejuvenation
10. Botox and fillers