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Clinical focus
The department runs a high volume Diabetes and Endocrine clinic and caters to patients of all ages including children.

Diabetes clinic      :     Monday – Friday        : 8 – 12 Noon
Foot clinic daily    :     Monday – Friday        : 10 – 12 Noon
Thyroid clinic        :     Tuesdays & Fridays    : 11  – 1 PM
Adrenal clinic        :     Wednesday                : 10 – 12 Noon
Pediatric Endo clinic :  Monday                     : 8 – 12 Noon

The department also provides specialist consultation for inpatients with complex diabetes and endocrine disorders. It is also involved in collaborative research with other departments. Investigator initiated research is also done in clinical endocrinology focusing on practical issues pertaining to our population.

Speciality Treatments

  • Foot assessment and Preventive foot care
  • Teriparatide and Denosumab in secondary osteoporosis
  • Recombinant Growth hormone in growth hormone deficiency
  • GLP-1 analogs for glycemic control and obesity.