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Sentence of the Day


Conferences organized by the department
The premier annual pediatric endocrine CME, PAED ENDO was conducted in Sri Ramachandra Institute Of Higher Education And Research. The CME aimed to improve the practice of pediatric endocrinology and also sow the seeds of endocrinology in fertile young minds.The meeting was jointly organized by the Department of Endocrinology and Department of Pediatrics. Some of the special features of the meeting include

  1. 1. Clinically relevant topics
  2. 2. National and international speakers
  3. 3. TNMC credit points (2)
  4. 4. Quiz and poster session

The CME had a good turnout of about 180 people. Most of them were postgraduates in pediatrics, but the participation of practicing pediatricians was substantial too. The audience appreciated the high quality of scientific content. They were satiated by the academic feast on offer and responded with some incisive questions. The quiz and the poster session had an overwhelming response too.

As part of celebration of Doctor’s day, Department of Endocrinology organized a CME on 1st July 2019. Dr. Muralidharan, a very experienced Senior Consultant Endocrinologist delivered the lecture on ‘Interpretation of Thyroid Function Tests’. It was well appreciated and had a turnout of 100 attendees including postgraduates of General Medicine and Paediatrics.