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Sentence of the Day

Medical Oncology

Conferences organized by the department
CME Workshop and Conferences
  1. Prof Manickavasagam, A Divine Violin Play for Cancer Patients by Shreeman Pandit Milindji Raikar organized by the Department of Oncology on 12.05.2018 at 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. at Dhanvanthri Hall, SRMC,
  2. Prof Manickavasagam, Panelist in MDS/AML and beyond Bangalore on 13/1/2017
  3. Prof Manickavasagam Speaker at Breast cancer Diagnostic Pathology ,SRMC on 19/1/2019
  4. Prof Manickavasagam conducted World Cancer day on 4/2/2017
  5. Prof Manickavasagam Presented Sweet syndrome, Dermatology, SRMC Anatomy Hall 25/01/2017
  6. Prof Manickavasagam Panelist at Human Genetics SRU03/03/2017
  7. Prof Manickavasagam Speaker at CME IOG WCH 17/06/2017
  8. Prof Manickavasagam Panelist at Oncopathology Equinox 2017,Aravind Radhakrishnan 06/07/2017
  9. Prof Manickavasagam Father of Green Nanotechnology Curators, Prof Katti V 17/07/2017
  10. Prof Manickavasagam CME in Molecular Oncology, SRMC 16/08/2017
  11. Prof Manickavasagam Panovation Myeloma Update , Emerald Hall Tnagar 23/08/2017
  12. Prof Manickavasagam  Panelist and speaker at CME on Molecular Oncology –Diagnostic & Therapeutic Signifiance of osteopontin & Associated Genes in Breast& other Cancer 27.10.2017 & 28.10.2017
  13. Prof Manickavasagam  CME on Understanding Enigma - Recent Concepts in BRCA testing 16th Dec 2017
  14. Prof Manickavasagam MIOT Hemato Oncology Moderator Feathers 03-Mar-18
  15. Dr. P. Jovita M. Martin delivered a guest lecture on “Cancer Awareness” at ASCENDAS, IT Park to the AMEC Foster wheeler on 22 nd March 2018
  16. Dr. P. Jovita M. Martin attended one day workshop on “Electro-Chemo Therapy for Effective Cancer Treatment” held on 14 th March 2018 at BS Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, Vandalur, Chennai.
  17. Dr. Jovita Martin as Speaker at Mumbai in Best of MASCC on September 1 st 2018 Topic Oncological Emergencies in Palliative care.
  18. Dr. Jovita Martin as Panelist in Multiple Myeloma at Madurai 10 th November 2018
  19. Dr.Jovita Martin as speaker at Chicago 27 th World Oncologists Conference.Topic .A 20 years’ experience on granulosa cell tumour on Dec 7 th 2018.
  20. Dr.Jovita Martin CME on Understanding Enigma - Recent Concepts in BRCA testing on 3/3/2018
  21. Dr.Jovita Martin One day workshop Electro chemo therapy for effectiv e cancer  treatment
  22. Dr. Lakshmi narasimhan Panel Discussion on Crystal Ball of Gastric Cancer 10/5/2018
  23. Dr. Lakshmi narasimhan Chairperson on the topic breast cancer - redefining duration of HER2 targeted therapy in adjuvant setting less is more, more is less26-May-18
  24. Dr. Lakshmi narasimhan TaIL - An international update on targeted and immunotherapy in Lung Cancer 15 & 16 June 2018
  25. Dr. M. Manickavasagam Update I Diagnostic Pathology- Sex cord stromal tumor ovary Aug 2nd to 4th  2018
  26. Dr. P.Jovita M Martin Panelist Acadamyof Radiological Education and Breast Imaging KARE 27th and 28 th October 2018
  27. Dr. M. Manickavasagam Panelist in Gyneaco Oncology-Expert insights in  Oncology by Medical Oncologist of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry10th Nov 2018
  28. Dr. Lakshmi narasimhan Panelist in GI Oncology-Expert insights in  Oncology by Medical Oncologist of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry10th Nov 2018
  29. Dr.Lakshmi Narasimhan Rehabilitation in Oncology 10th Nov 2018
  30. Dr.S.Lakshminarasimhan Apollo cancer conclave 26.1.2019.Panelist:Peritoneum-Often seen often forgotten.
  31. Dr.S.Lakshminarasimhan Apollo cancer conclave 24.1.2019.Faculty Gynae oncology
  32. Dr. P.Jovita M Martin BMT Masterclass2nd Feb 2019
  33. Dr.Manickavasagam CME of current Concepts in Neuro Oncology2nd Feb 2019
  34. Dr.Manickavasagam Physicians Conference, SRMC Harvard Auditorium,Correctable Encephalopathy Presentor DM PG Dr.Haneesha 10th Feb 2019
  35. Dr. P.Jovita M Martin Statistics Decoded 23rd and 24th Feb2019
  36. Dr.Sangeetha American Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 20th to 24th Feb 2019
  37. Dr.S.Lakshminarasimhan TAMPOS State conference 11 th 12 th May 2019  Chair person in Immunotherapy in oncology
  38. Dr. P.Jovita M Martin Lung Cancer EGFR Molecular updates Panel on 25th May 2019
  39. Dr.Manickavasagam Speaker at CaReHaB surgical Oncology on 8th June 2019
  40. Dr.Lakshmi Narasimhan Panelist CaReHaB surgical Oncology on 8th June 2019
  41. Dr. P.Jovita M Martin Panelist CaReHaB surgical Oncology on 8th June 2019