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HOD Profile

Dr.Suhas Prabhakar
Dr.Suhas Prabhakar
16 Years of experience since highest degree
Academic Awards & Prizes won:
Presidency college, Chennai (Madras University) - Sri Ramuni Menon Prize for the best out going student in Zoology in 1982 -1983 Rajah Muthiah Medical College(Annamalai University) - Certificate of Honour in MBBS - Anatomy - Micobiology - Oto-Rhino Laryngology Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute - Anand Chandravarkar Foundation Trust , Mumbai – Gold Medal and citation - For best outgoing student in Ophthalmology and securing highest marks in University examination in M.S.Ophthalmology-year 2000
Achievements & Honours:
1.Senior Consultant, Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre. 2.Resource person for faculty training at the faculty development workshop, held at Sri Ramachandra University-Aug 2009 3.Resource person for faculty training sponsored by MCI at Regional centre for faculty development, held in Sri Ramachandra medical College.- Oct-2009. 4.Secretary- Faculty development, SRMC & RI-Dec 2009 5.Resource person for faculty training at SRMC, MCI recognized training centre- Workshop on Medical Education Technologies- Mar 13th -17th.2010. 6.Guest Speaker and Faculty at the annual meet of the National institute of the visually handicapped , Aug 2009 7.Have been a Co-Investigator in International Multicentric Clinical drug trials conducted in India. 8.Invited to speak in the Dr. Sun News and Podhigai TV channels on eye ailments as a live show. 9.Speaker :Direct telemedicine telecasted lectures to Pan-African countries through Govt. of India, Nov 2011, Apr2012 & Apr 2014. 10.Member in Medical Education Unit, Sri Ramachandra Medical College. 11.Chairman faculty development programme, Sri Ramachandra Medical college, since Aug 2011 12.Medical council of India, Observer, for faculty development programmes in other Medical Colleges. 13.Member Board of Studies Optometry, SRMC & RI. 14.Resource person, MCI Faculty conducted workshop 15.Member ,Sri Ramachandra Medical Staff Credentialing Committee, since 2009. 16.Awarded Gold Medal by Chancellor, for meritorious service, Sep 2011. 17.Appointed as camp consultant in charge for Ophthalmology, Feb 2013, SRMC &RI. 18.Invited speaker “ Role of faculty as a teacher, trainer and facilitator .” in faculty enrichment programme, Dept. of Clinical Nutrition on 26th June 2013. 19.Appointed as deputy medical superintendent, Sri Ramachandra Medical College Hospital, by Chancellor on Dec 13, 2013. 20.Appointed MCI observer for Karpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences, Coimbatore. Aug 20th to 22nd 2014. 21.Guest lecture on Fundus Examination at SRMC. 22.64th Annual TNOA conference attended 5.8.16 & 7.8.16. 23.Revised basic course workshop - 6.10.15 to 8.10.15, At SRMC
Papers Presented:
1.‘Retinal ToxocariasisinTNOA – 98 Coimbatore 2.‘Leber’s Congenital Amarosis’ TNOA – 2002 3.‘Parabular Flush Anaesthesia’TNOA-01, Ooty. 4.Neodymium-YAG Laser Polishing of anterior Lens deposits” TNOA -2002, Trichy 5.Phaco in Dermatological Cataracts” TNOA -2002 6.Limbal flap graft Technique-Pterigium Surgery TNOA -2002. 7.Postoperative capsular opacification in certain types, of IOL’s over 180 days TNOA-2002 8.Social Rehabilitation of Oculo cutaneous Albinism, TNOA – 2003 9.Cryoanalgesia- A new Technique TNOA 2003 10.Kearn’s Sayre Syndrome- Rare Presentation 11.Comparison of Tendency Oriented Perimetry with normal strategy perimetry , 52nd TNOA,04 Tirunelveli. 12.Getting rid of posterior capsular opacification without breaking the posterior capsule, TNOA-04 13.External angular dermoid A rare Presentation, TNOA-04. 14.Intensive Topical Vs Subconjunctival steroid in the treatment of post-operative inflammation, TNOA 04 15.Laser Iridotomy using a combined Frequency double Nd : YAG Vs Nd:YAG alone ,TNOA 04 16.Post-operative Acetazolamide is it necessary,TNOA-04. 17.Full thickness Astigmatic Keratotomy in induced astigmatism, TNOA 04. 18.Rare case of Kearns Sarns Syndrome with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Heart Defects without chronic 19.progressive external Ophthalmoplegia AIOS 04. 20.Effect Alternative for no Anaesthesia Cryoanalgesia , AIOS 04, Varanasi. 21.Haigis Formula in High Myopes – our Experience AIOS 2004, Varnasi. 22.‘Evaluation of Ptosis’ CME on Oculoplasty,SRMC, Feb 2004 23.‘Ocular fundus –normal & congenital variations’, 24.CME on Ocular Fundus in Medicine, SRMC, Chennai.Oct 2004 25.Triamcinolone injection in the treatment of Marginal Chalazions, AIOS Conference, 2005 26.A Biometric Study of Ocular Changes during Accommodation. AIOS 06, Bhopal. 27.A Comparative Study between a  Modified technique of  Single Point Anterior Peribular anaesthesia using a 26G half inch needle Vs. 28.Classical Single PointPosterior  Peribulbar anaesthesia using 24G inch needle in a South Indian Population. 29.TNOAConference, August, 2006. 30.A-Scan biometry in accomadated eyes of Indian population- Eye advance international conference held in Mumbai- sept-’08. 31.Horners syndrome following excision of a mediastinal schwanoma. TNOA Conference Aug 10th to 12th 2012. 32.A clinical study of orbital fractures in 2-wheeler drivers following RTA in a tertiary care centre. 33.A rare case of multiple cavernous hemangioma of retina and CNS, TNOA Conference Aug 10-12th 2012. 34.Chondrosarcoma of the skull base causing unilateral 3rd &6th cranial nerve palsy, TNOA Conference Aug 10-12th 2012. 35.Standard Devic’s disease/ Neuromyelitis Optica TNOA Conference, Madurai, Vellammal Medical College, 25/7/15. 36.Presented a paper “Near miss of an intra orbital gunshot injury” at Singapore National Eye Conference , 25th Anniversary International Meeting on 23.5.15 37.Presented a paper “A shot on time saves the eye, Early Diagnosis and management of Klebsiella induced Panophthalmitis” at Singapore National Eye Conference , 25th Anniversary International Meeting on 23.5.15 38.Presented a Paper - GLAUCOMA’S PREDICTOR –OCT, TNOP conference Madurai, Vellammal Medical College on 25.7.16
Posters Presented:
NATIONAL 1.Transitional cell carcinoma of Lacrimal SAC,TNOA, 01, OOTY 2.A rare case of Alport’s syndrome,TNOA 03, Chennai. 3.Goldenhar syndrome – A typical case. TNOA04, Chennai. 4.Intralesional steroid injection as treatment for Marginal Chalazion , AIOC 05 Bhubaneswar 5.Cone-rod Dystrophy – Rare Presentation,AIOC04, Varanasi. 6.Kissing Naevus excision TNOA 04 Tirunelveli. 7.External angular dermoid TNOA 04 Tirunelveli. 8.History of Plagirism in Ophthalmology, paper & poster presented, AIOS 05,Bhubaneswar. 9.Alport’s syndrome-Arare presentation, 58TH TNOA 30TH -1ST Aug’10 INTERNATIONAL 1.A-Scan biometry in accomadated eyes of the south Indian population-, 2.ESCRS-SEP’09 Barcelona ,Italy. 3.Unilateral 3rd&6th cranial nerve palsy resulting from an ossifying chondrsarcoma of the skull base- 8th International symposium of Ophthalmology, Dec 14th-16th 2012 Hongkong. 4.Mystery of blind sight.8th ISO DEC 14th -16th 2012,Hongkong. 5.Multiple cavernous Hemangioma of Retina & CNS, 28th Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress, 17th -20th Jan. 2013 Hyd. 6.Unilateral 3rd &6th cranial nerve palsy resulting from an ossifying chondrosarcoma of the skull base, 28th Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology congress, 17th -20th Jan2013.Hyd. 7.Horners syndrome- post excision of mediastinal schawanoma, 28th Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology congress, 17th -20th Jan2013.Hyd. 8.HAART – The savior, Singapore National Eye Conference , 25th Anniversary International Meeting on 23.5.15. 9.Early diagnosis & Management of klebsiella pneumoniae induced panophthalmitis – Emirates of Ophthalmology, Dubai – 8th & 9th 2015. Ongoing research projects – No of students guiding: -Influence of progression of cataractous lens damage associated with presence of free radical is aqueous humor and in lens of senile cataract patients with and without diabetes. -A study to assess the effect of compensatory strategies for vision on functional abilities and quality of life among patients with visual impairment following stroke at Sri Ramachandra Hospital, Porur, Chennai.