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Thrust areas for your department
Patient care services: 
Training of health care workers (Doctors, nurses, dai’s) both governmental and private sectors in association with IAP, ACoRN in the state of Tamilnadu to reduce NMR and IMR.
Establishing Chennai Neonatal transport network in association with NNF.
To offer Perinatal services including consultancy for high risk mother and the baby to the community including individuals, Obstetricians and Maternity homes as part of SCOPE.
To help set up level II care centers in neonatology in private nursing homes on a voluntary basis as part of SCOPE.
To help establish a metabolic and genetic center with state of the art lab facilities for evaluation, treatment and counselling services as part of SCOPE.
To expand the existing Child development unit to a Child development center with city centers to offer services including evaluation and therapy of all high risk babies and children with other problems like Autism, ADHD, LD and Developmental Delay as part of KCDU.

Education and Training:
To start a DM program in Neonatology and Perinatology fellowship program (post doctoral certificate).
To start a Neonatal nursing course.
To start a Developmental therapy course.
To start a Fellowship program in Developmental medicine.
To encourage faculty to register for Ph.D program.
To develop links with institutions like JIPMER and CMC Vellore at the National level and International institutions for Capacity building of Personnel.
To conduct regular CME’s and Workshops targeting both maternity homes and obstetricians to improve awareness of Perinatology.
To conduct a international seminar in Neonatology and Perinatology once a year.

Basic Research: To understand the patho physiology of diseases in newborn.

Clinical Research
To improve the outcome (both mortality and morbidity) of very low birth weight babies.
To reduce preterm deliveries.
To reduce the antibiotic usage and resistance in NICU.
To improve the diagnosis and rationalise the treatment of sepsis.
Understanding of Neonatal seizures by better monitoring and thereby improving outcome.

Community Research:
To monitor the effect of training programs in the community in reducing Neonatal Mortality and 
Morbidity and thus implement better training modules.

Educational research:
To validate the current teaching and training programs among health care professionals.