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  • The goal of teaching undergraduate students in Pharmacology is to inculcate the essentials of rational and scientific basis of therapeutics. Also, to enable students capable of using drugs in clinical practice with scientific awareness by means of integrated teaching with clinical and pre-clinical departments.
2. MD- Pharmacology
The Broad Goals of Postgraduate Teaching include:

  • To facilitate students to develop in-depth pharmacology knowledge pertaining to rational use of drugs, clinical pharmacology, pharmacovigilance and pharmacoeconomics.
  • To orient students towards essential aspects of clinical trials including interpretation of its results, importance of adherence to GCP guidelines and therapeutic drug monitoring, by means of a short industrial internship. 
  • To expose students to the role of Hospital Pharmacologists in prescription auditing, assessing drug information, high alert drugs, look alike and sound alike medications and devising hospital formulary and antibiotic policies.
  • To train them effectively as high quality teachers with quick adaptation to various innovative styles of teaching methodologies like small group discussion, case resolution, facilitators for project based learning apart from didactic lectures.
  • To sensitize students to computer aided learning, drug related patent laws, procedures and regulatory affairs.
  • To foster and broaden the research perspectives among students in the field of pharmacology by leveraging collaborative multidisciplinary approaches.
3. MD-PhD
  • To enable students to pursue research in various domains of pharmacology such as molecular mechanisms of drug action, screening of potential lead compounds to chosen targets using novel animal models (Zebra Fish), characterization and pharmacokinetics of Phytochemicals in Nano Pharmacology.
4. PhD
  • To guide students in Pharmacology research in relation to pharmacogenetics, phytochemical screening of drugs and preclinical toxicity of drugs.

Training provided :

  • MD Pharmacology –Medication safety practices training in the hospitals, Animal experimentations in GLP accredited animal house (CEFT), assays using spectrophotometry,
  • Animal simulation Lab and Computer assisted Learning Lab for UG and PG

Teachers and Faculty Training:

Our faculty has attended various training programme in   Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies, Pharmacovigilance program of India, Qualitative Research Analysis, Team based learning and strategies, Oral & health Disease in AIDS.
Our faculty has attended various training programme in Basic  Medical Education Technologies,  National Teacher Training Course for Health Professionals, Instrument development, Softwares for scientific research, Orientation Program in research Methodology & Biostatistics , Current Regulatory requirements for members of institutional ethics committee ,On Capacity Building of Ethics Committee for Clinical Research in India, , Frontiers in Vaccinology, Pharmacovigilance , Grant writing and publication , NABH pre accreditation entry level for hospitals.
Our faculty has attended various training programme regarding Critical appraisal of research articles, Guide to journal publication, Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis,  bioinformatics ,Clinical chemistry , Pathway to drug discovery- analytical techniques (IR, HPLC), animal experiments and ethics , A pharmacological insight into zebrafish as a Novel animal model for drug discovery and PK screening, Phytopharmacological research techniques and their applications , Flow cytometry.
Our faculty has attended various training programmes like 3T-IBHSc course for Health sciences faculty - Indian program of the UNESCO chair in bioethics, Standard operating procedures of IEC, Ethics in clinical research and good clinical practice ,Basic biomedical statistics , – Recent Advances in Analytical Techniques- Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Study designs in clinical trials , 4 –R Approaches in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmacovigilance ,Good Clinical Practice .
Our faculty has attended various training programmes like Dissemination program for ICMR National Ethical Guidelines , Medical ethics and ICMR guidelines , Principles of bioethics and human rights, bioethics and SOP training programme ,MCI advanced course in medical education at MCI Nodal centre for National faculty development, Principles and practice of clinical research, Pharmacovigilance,  FORSEE conference .
Our faculty has attended various training programme in  Advanced course in medical education ,AETCOM,GCP Workshop- Recent update, Clinical Pharmacodynamics and Kinetics Workshop, Molecular Docking Studies in Drug Discovery

  • Dr.V.P.Karthik, Assistant Professor was a  Resource person at - So What’s next – Life after MBBS at Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai
  • Dr.D.Anusha, Associate Professor was a  Judge in 5th Star Summit at  Saveetha Dental College ,Chennai
  • Dr.Darling Chellathai, Professor gave an Invited talk on the topic "Informed consent" in the CME on "Good clinical practice and Clinical trials" conducted by Dept of Pharmacology, Stanley Medical College, Chennai on 4th and 5th july 2018
  • Dr.Punnagai,Professor and HOD was an external DC member for Ph.D thesis for Influence of pharmacogenetics in hypertension and its assoiciation in response to antihypertensive drugs by dr.Farhana at Bharath Univesity, selaiyur, Tambaram on 11th july 2018
  • Dr. V. Gowri, Associate Professor  received Gold Medal for  10 years of continuous service in SRIHER institution on 18.9.2018
  • Dr. K.Punnagai,Dr. Darling Chellathai David, Dr. D.Anusha,  Dr. V.Gowri Dr. Alphienes Stanley Xavier, Dr. V.P Karthik,Dr. S.Ramya, Dr. K.Karthika, Dr. V.V.M.Anand Priya  were expert Speakers and resource persons in ANNUAL SRI RAMACHANDRA PHARMACOLOGY INSIGHT RAPID REVIEW COURSE 2019
  • Dr. Alphines Stanley X, Assistant Professor received Second prize for Poster presentation in SRM Medical College on 8.2.2019
  • Dr. Alphines Stanley X, Assistant Professor received Second prize in Quiz at Christian Medical College, Vellore on Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • Dr. S. Ramya , Assistant Professor received Second prize in Poetry Competition at SRMC & RI on 7.3.2019
  • Dr. S. Ramya , Assistant Professor received Second prize in Essay Competition at SRMC & RI on 8.3.2019
  • Dr.K.Punnagai, Professor and HOD was a PANALIST Speaker in MADRAS MEDICAL COLEGE on 1st March 2019
  • Dr.S.Ramya, Assistant Professor was a Speaker at Sri Balaji Medical Colege Hospital held on 27th March 2019
  • Dr.V.P.Karthik, Assistant Professor was a  Speaker in  PRODEV on  19th March
  • Dr.D.Anusha,Associate Professor was a  Speaker in  FETAL CARE RESEARCH FOUNDATION held on  5th March
  • Dr.K.Punnagai,Professor and Head was a INVITED SPEAKER - ON INFORMED CONSENT PROCESS  
  • National Workshop on Good Clinical Practice on 2nd April 2019
  • Dr.Alphienes Stanley ,Assistant Professor,was an INVITED SPEAKER- On Roles and Responsibilities of Sponsors and Investigators at National Workshop on Good Clinical Practice on 2nd April 2019
  • Dr.Ramya, Assistant Professor was an INVITED SPEAKER- On Academic Metabolism on 27th March 2019
  • Dr.V.V.M.Anand Priya, Assistant Professor was an INVITED SPEAKER- ON Health is my Real Wealth on 6th April 2019
  • Dr Anusha ,Associate Professor,was  a  RESOURCE PERSON in Post Graduate Orientation Programme on  6th  June,2019
  • Dr Stanley,Assistant Professor,was a GUEST   SPEAKER -Animal Models in Alcoholism at National conference on Alcohol in Health Disease and Research , Chettinad conf on June 27, 2019
  • Dr.S.Ramya,Assistant Professor,was a Judge-Medical Picasso, SKITat IRIDESCENCE Optimus 2019 on June 27, 2019
  • Dr Stanley,Assistant Professor gave an Invited Lecture- Drug Development and Toxicity Studies at Research Methodology Programme on 30-May-19

Innovative Teaching:
  • Pharm Fun 2019 for 2nd MBBS students- QUIZ, CONNECTIONS, CROSS WORDS, PHARM SONGS
  • Pharm DEBATE 2019 for 2nd MBBS students
  • Pharm Fest -2017- for 2nd BDS students- Poster Presentation, Connections ,Dumb Charades,, PHARM SONGS, Treasure Hunt.
  • Pharm Fest -2018- for 2nd BDS students- Role Play, Connections, Placard Designing ,Dumb Charades 
  • Pharm Fest -2019- for 2nd BDS students-Role play, Group Projects.
  • Street Play -2019-For Trauma Care Students
  • Project Day -2018-For –AHS--Role play, Group Projects
  • Computer Assisted   –Animal simulation  training –For 2nd MBBS and MD pharmacology Students