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The goal of teaching undergraduate students in Pharmacology is to inculcate the essentials of rational and scientific basis of therapeutics. Also, to enable students capable of using drugs in clinical practice with scientific awareness by means of integrated teaching with clinical and pre-clinical departments.

2. MD- Pharmacology
The Broad Goals of Postgraduate Teaching include:
To facilitate students to develop in-depth pharmacology knowledge pertaining to rational use of drugs, clinical pharmacology, pharmacovigilance and pharmacoeconomics.

To orient students towards essential aspects of clinical trials including interpretation of its results, importance of adherence to GCP guidelines and therapeutic drug monitoring, by means of a short industrial internship. 

To expose students to the role of Hospital Pharmacologists in prescription auditing, assessing drug information, high alert drugs, look alike and sound alike medications and devising hospital formulary and antibiotic policies.

To train them effectively as high quality teachers with quick adaptation to various innovative styles of teaching methodologies like small group discussion, case resolution, facilitators for project based learning apart from didactic lectures.

To sensitize students to computer aided learning, drug related patent laws, procedures and regulatory affairs.

To foster and broaden the research perspectives among students in the field of pharmacology by leveraging collaborative multidisciplinary approaches.

3. MD-PhD
To enable students to pursue research in various domains of pharmacology such as molecular mechanisms of drug action, screening of potential lead compounds to chosen targets using novel animal models (Zebra Fish), characterization and pharmacokinetics of Phytochemicals in Nano Pharmacology.

4. PhD
To guide students in Pharmacology research in relation to pharmacogenetics, phytochemical screening of drugs and preclinical toxicity of drugs.