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Conferences organized by the department

  • International Workshop on “Pharmacovigilance” was organized by the Department of Pharmacology, SRMC and RI and Central Research Facility,  SRU in collaboration with CITI – University of Miami – USA, AIIMS – NEW DELHI and  IPC on 27th October, 2015   at Sri Ramachandra University Auditorium.  Dr. C.Vasanthi, Professor of Pharmacology, was the Organising Secretary of the workshop.
  • Department of Pharmacology organized a CME on “Recent Advances In Research And Therapeutics Of Anti-Cancer Drugs” on 20.6.2015 at Central Library Auditorium , SRU.  It covered various aspects of Oncology like Targeted Therapies, Recent Advances, Pre-Clinical Studies and Oncology Clinical Trials.
  • Dept. of Pharmacology conducted a workshop on ‘A Pharmacological Insight into Zebrafish as a Novel Animal Model for Drug Discovery and Pharmacokinetic Screening’ on 30th & 31st March 2016. Dr. Bibhas Kar, Consultant & HOD, Center for Genetic Studies & Research, Madras Medical Mission, Chennai and Mr. Benin Joseph, Scientist Expert in Zebrafish & Tissue Chip, Pentagrit Research, Chennai were the guests. The activities included hands-on animal modeling & pharmacokinetic screening of drugs in zebrafish and tissue chips along with group discussions. 50 PGs and faculty members across the country attended.
  • CLINICOPHARMACON, A National Conference on Clinical trail and Research was organised on 5th and 6th of September 2018.
  • National conference - Annual sri Ramachandra Clinical Pharmacology Event and training on oct-11 and 12 2019

 Workshops, CME Conducted:

Department of Pharmacology, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research conducted public awareness program through street play on 14th March 2019 in front of Sri Ramachandra Hospital through BSc. Trauma care management students. All the students actively participated, highlighting different topics in Pharmacology through street play.Around 100 patients and attenders benefited. 

Pharm Fest is a multipurpose daylong event designed to explore the students novelty in understanding Dental pharmacology. The academic forum targets on emerging issues & trends in pharmacotherapy in an innovative way and to understand pharmacology in a simple way .This programme opened to II year BDS students. Topics span the interest of faculties and students.
This event was planned to cover the entire Pharmacology, involving their Actions, Therapy, and Treatment of choice & ADR in a fun filled way.


1 Dr.Darling Chellathai David Dr. Elango Dr.V.P.Karthik Mr. P. Suresh Medication Management and Use Basement Auditorium, Dental College 6th and 7th October, 2016 200 from various colleges
2 Dr. K. Punnagai, Dr.V.P.Karthik Equinox – Student’s Conference –Guess the Prescription Seminar Hall, SRMC 4th August, 2016 , 56 participants from various colleges
3. Dr.Darling Chellathai Dr.Ramya Dr.Arthi A pharmacological insight into zebrafish as a novel animal model for drug discovery and PK screening Dr.Biphas Kar Consultant & HOD, centre for genetic studies , MMM, Chennai Mr. Benin Joseph, scientific expert zebrafish Pentagrit , Chennai Seminar hall , SRMC 30th and 31st March 2016, 47 participants from various colleges

1 Dr.C.Vasanthi International workshop on pharmacovigilance, Speakers: Dr.Ganesh Dr.Bikash Medhi DR.Y.K.Gupta Dr.Vijay Mathur Dr.Darling chellathai Dr.C.Vasanthi University auditorium 26.10.2015 270
2 Dr.Darling Chellathai, Dr.Vasanthi CME-Recent Advances in Research and Therapeutics of Anticancer drugs, Speakers: Dr.Darling Chellathai, Dr.Vasanthi, Dr.Parimala, Dr.Jamnuna Rani, Dr.Suresh Central Library Auditorium, SRU 20.06.2015 ,151 participants
3. Dr.Darling Chellathai, Dr.P.Elango CME on Recent trends in Diabetes Mellitus, Speakers: Dr.P. Elango Associate Professor, Dept of Pharmacology, SRMC & RI DR.V.Revathy, MD,DO RIO & GOH, Chennai Lecture hall IVth Floor, G-Block, SRMC & RI 09.04.2015, 67 participants
4. Dr.Darling Chellathai Dr.Punnagai Alumni Meet- Carrier guidelines for post graduates, Speakers: Dr.Srikanth Seminar Hall 18.07.2015, 25 participants
5. Dr.Darling chellathai Dr.Vasanthi Pharmacovigilance sensitization programme, Speakers: Dr.Vasanthi Dr.Elango Dr.Punnagai Dr.Gowri Dr. karthika Dr.Divya – pharm D G- block OP, IP departments 13th to 17th July 2015, 75 participants

1. Dr. Darling Chellathai Dr. Elango.P CME on Drugs used in acute coronary syndrome, Speakers: Dr. Ezhilan Cardiologist MMM Hospital Dr. Muralidharan Cardiologist SRMC & RI Department of Pharmacology SRMC & RI 28th July 2014 ,47 participants
2. Dr.Darling Chellathai, Dr.P.Elango CME on Pharmacological approach to infant nutrition, Speakers: Dr.Ramya Assistant Professor, Pharamcology SRMC Dr.Amalraj MD,DCH, Chettinad health city, chennai Department of Pharmacology SRMC & RI 26.11.2014, 78 participants
3. Dr.Seethalakshmi Dr. Vasanthi CME on Pharmacovigilance Programme of India, Speakers: Dr. Kalaiselvan Senior Scientific Officer, IPC Ghaziabad Dr. Nandini Regional Director Pharmacovigilance MMC Lecture hall IVth Floor, G-Block, SRMC & RI 28th April 2014, 150 participants


1. Dr. Seethalakshmi CME on Guidelines on Drug Regulation , Speakers: Mr. Dilip Kumar Drug Controller Dr. Priestly Associate Professor Tagore Medical College, Chennai Seminar Hall, Medical College Building SRMC & RI 2nd Dec 2013,  120 participants
2. Dr. Seethalakshmi Alterations in nueral regulation of biological clock in ageing and Parkinson’s disease , Speakers: Dr. Anitha Jagota Associate professor School of Life science, University of Hyderabad Department of Pharmacology SRMC & RI 29th Nov 2013, 90 participants