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Clinical focus

Clinical pharmacology is the area of practice in which pharmacists provides patient care that optimises medication therapy and promotes health, wellness and disease prevention. Clinical pharmacologists rely on their professional relationships with patients to give their advice to best meet individual patient needs and desires. 

At G Block, SRH we are actively involved in Rational drug use, Medication outcomes and comparative effectiveness, Medication Therapy Management, Medication audit at regular intervals, Transitions-of-care Services and at framing policies for the management of medications in accordance with NABH & JCI guidelines. 

Clinical Pharmacology services 
The Clinical Pharmacology services offered by the department are pivotal in improving rational medication use, patient safety and health outcomes. They include the following:
  • Decision Making in Policies involving  medication management 
  • Pharmacy, Therapeutics and Antibiotic Monitoring committee
  • Ensuring adherence to NABH guidelines 
  • Safety Monitoring of new drugs 
  • Auditing of IP, OP prescription 
  • Transcribing drug Orders
  • Monitoring Medication errors
  • Preparation and Dispensing of high concentrated electrolytes
  • Root cause analysis & CAPA of  medication errors 
  • Monitoring antibiotic usage
MD Pharmacology students are trained in clinical pharmacology in the below areas : 
  • NABH guidelines
  • Medication audit – Prescription audit , Transcription audit, dispensing audit & administration audit 
  • Medication reconciliation 
  • Storage of Medication 
  • Crash cart audit
  • SOP for preparation of Chemotherapy agents 
  • SOP for electrolyte dilution
3. Pharmacovigilance & Materiovigilance
Robust Pharmacovigilance and Materiovigilance systems are functional in order to assess, detect, understand and prevent adverse effects related to drugs and devices with the final vision of monitoring patient safety and welfare. In this regard the following activities are undertaken: 
  • Sensitization programmes for various stakeholders and students, newsletter, drug alerts, awareness posters, videos, periodical webinars, competitions related to Pharmacovigilance viz, posters, leaflet making, video & reels and cartoon making, quizzes.