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Sentence of the Day


Clinical focus
The Department of Microbiology has several functional subdivisions.
The Clinical Microbiology division of the Sri Ramachandra Laboratory services handles 500 samples per day.
The Laboratory has been accredited by the NABL, NABH and JCI .
The other divisions include Mycology, Virology, Mycobacteriology, Molecular Biology and Parasitology.
The Laboratory has the expertise to diagnose all infectious diseases and offer support for the management of infections both in the hospital and community.  It is one of the first laboratories in Tamil Nadu recognized by the government for H1N1 testing.
The Diagnostic service is offered on all days of the year 24 hours.
The Department plays an active role in infection control activities at the hospital and imparts training program for all staff within and outside the hospital.
Integrated Disease Surveillance Program.

Broad Area of work 
Bacteriology – smear study, culture and Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (conventional and automated ) 
Mycobacteriology- smear study and culture 
Immunofluorescense for autoimmune disease
Molecular Biology 

New Tests Introduced 
Anti Hbe
Anti Hbs 
ANA by Immunofloresence
DNA by Immunofloresence
GeneXpert for M Tb
Line Immuno Assay
Clostridium Difficle
Rotavirus ELISA
HIV-1 Qualitative PCR
HIV-1 Quantitative PCR
HIV-1 Drug Resistance Testing
COMBO HIV-1 Quantitative PCR & Drug Resistance
Combo HBV DNA Quantitative Real Time PCR & Drug Resistance, Genotyping
HBV DNA Quantitative PCR
HBV DNA Qualitative PCR
HBV Drug Resistance & Genotype Testing
Dengue real time duplex RT-PCR 
GeneXpert for Bcr abl monitor
Realtime PCR for seasonal influenza A & B
Respiratory synctial virus, Human Metapneumovirus – Realtime PCR
Adenovirus, Human Boca virus- Realtime PCR 
Human corona virus and Human parainfluenza virus - Realtime PCR 
HCV RNA qualitative PCR 30. HCV RNA quantitative PCR 
Respiratory viral panel – Realtime PCR (Respiratory synctial virus, Human Metapneumovirus, Adenovirus, Human Boca virus, Human corona virus and Human parainfluenza virus
BK virus
NABL- National Accreditation Board for Laboratory 
NABH- National Accreditation Board for Hospital