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Sentence of the Day

Forensic Medicine

Clinical focus
Expertise Opinion and guidance regarding Medico legal Cases and providing evidence in different Courts of Law.

Requisition for autopsies received all round the year and are done free of cost between 8.00AM to 4.00PM including all holidays.

There is a well equipped MORTUARY in the department, which is used for
Conducting post mortem examinations.
Hands on training of postgraduate students
Demonstration of the same to the students.
Storage of body, on requisition. (Open to Public)

Embalming of the bodies is done, on requisition. Facility available for those brought from other Hospitals as well

The department also provides medico-legal consultancy for the general public on cases of negligence.
Providing services to other Departments regarding Medical/Surgical auditing with information of the Nature and cause of Death.