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Forensic Medicine

Research focus
The department encourages research in various fields of forensic medicine and toxicology such as identification methods, traumatology, clinical forensic medicine, forensic pathology, molecular biology and genetics etc.

The postgraduates, undergraduates, Ph.D scholars are encouraged to conduct research in these fields and are also given expert guidance in their respective research works. They are also encouraged to take up interdisciplinary research work in co-ordination with other departments of the university.

Currently the department has M.D (Forensic Medicine) program with intake of three candidates per year apart from integrated M.D Ph.D ICMR program in which two candidates have been selected in last five years. One candidate who was selected previously has successfully completed the study and has been awarded the PhD Degree.

The MSc Forensic Science post graduate students are also involved in doing research work as part of their dissertation submission each year.