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Sentence of the Day


Clinical focus
⦁ Histopathology ,Cytology , Haematology & Immunopathology
⦁ Immunohistochemistry panel workups being done thrice in a week. 
⦁ Immunofluroscence done on renal and skin biopsies.
⦁ Frozen sections for routine  & transplant cases (24x7)  are reported within the TAT time of 20 minutes
⦁ Transplant  biopsies (Renal, Liver & Cardiac) are reported periodically.
⦁ Continuous upgradation of immunohistochemical panels 
⦁ Weekly tumour board meet is held with multidisciplinary teams
⦁ Histopathological diagnosed oncology cases are linked to the population based case registry of the Cancer Institute of Adyar 
⦁ Pan African Telemedicine for pathology consultation and for teaching purpose is available and is used periodically
⦁ Media interactive Live Sessions for Public Health Awareness by Faculties
⦁ Referral centre for histopathological diagnosis and immunohistochemistry work up panel from other institutions
⦁ Referral centre for cardiac transplant biopsies from Lisie Heart Institute,Cochin,Kerala
⦁ Participation in Pap smear screening camps