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Research focus
Thrust area:
⦁  Molecular Pathology Lab
⦁  Immunofluorscence
⦁  Immunohistochemistry
⦁  Tissue banking

Infrastructure / equipments 
The Department of Pathology, which has two wings in the first floor of medical college building occupies 23,500 sq feet which is inclusive of Cytology and Hematology. 
We have a large museum with a display of mounted specimens in all systems with a floor area of 180 sq.m.
Pathology Practical hall which is located in the fourth floor of our medical college building has two demo halls with a working lab consisting of 7500 sq ft.
Collaborating institutions :
⦁ Department of  Applied Mechanics & Biotechnology, (IIT Madras)
⦁ Cancer Registry, Adayar Cancer Institute, Chennai
⦁ Department of Pathology, University of Albama, USA

Patents :
New  Rapid staining Technique- (Patent filed) (TEMP/E-1/10583/2019-CHE : 201941009910 date of 14/03/2019)