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General Medicine

Conferences organized by the department
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AIM 2016 :
It was a 3 day medicine theory and clinical update programme designed to improve students’ understanding of examination oriented clinical topics and the rationale behind them.
Case discusion based on true and virtual case scenarios to facilitate better learning was done.
This programme benefitted MD and DNB medicine students, MBBS students and teaching faculty.
About 145 delegates attended the programme and benefitted from it.

It was conducted on 9, 10, 11 march 2017. The aim was to emphasise the importance of bedside teaching.
The other highlights of this program are interactive sessions, clinical pearls, landmark trials, drug data and meet the professor sessions.

This programme was crafted to improve students’ understanding of basic clinical concepts, which continue to have immense diagnostic value and are often assessed during final examinations.
The programme had extensive discussion on fundamental clinical aspects through 14 clinical cases comprising of 6 CNS, 3 CVS, 3 RS and 2 abdomen case discussions.
Clinical discussions are done over 3 days by renowned current and former teachers from Chennai, Pondicherry and Vellore.
Also included were didactic lectures on theory aspects of clinical concepts and clinical quiz to test the robustness of participants’ knowledge.

This was a 4 day programme exclusively focusing on clinical medicine.
The main focus was on basic concepts and clinical discussions spanning all 4 systems.
Some of the salient clinical discussions were CIDP, muscular dystrophy, traumatic quadriparesis, CP angle tumor with multiple cranial nerve palsies, congenital and multi valve heart disease, respiratory and abdominal problems.
We had clinical pearls to understand the concepts of clinical signs and lectures on clinical topics.
Clinical quiz was conducted along with oral platform and poster presentation.
Around 400 delegates benefitted from this programme.

Pan African e-Network Project for Telemedicine

Faculty of General Medicine have also been invited for guest lectures in various national and international conferences

Speaker in TAPICON ,2017 – Treatment of MDR TB
Speaker in CHETMEDICON, 2017- Anticoagulation therapy in clinical practice
Participated in Telemedicine conference Tamil Nadu, 2017
Speaker in Global Cardio Diabetes Conclave, 2017, International conference
Jury for Zonal round forTYSA, 2018
Speaker in B P CON, September 2018
Dr. Hema Venkatesan Endowment Oration , IMA Chennai, November 2019
Jury for National round forTYSA, Ahmedabad 2019
Speaker in API 2019, Kerala
Infectious Disease Panelist – API 2019, Chennai chapter

Guest lectures: Emmanuel Bhaskar
2015, 29th Nov    Fluid management in day today practice    IIT, Madras.
2015, 25th Oct     Electrolyte abnormalities in ICU    Stanley Medical College, Chennai.
2016, 26th June  Approach to Hyponatremia    Hotel Sangam, Trichy,
Association of Physicians of India (Trichy)
2017, 13th Aug    Approach to Fever with Thrombocytopenia    Hotel Sangam, Trichy
Association of Physicians of India & Indian Medical Association ( Trichy).
2017, 23rd Sep   Regional threat: Seasonal Mosquito borne fever    Sree Balaji Medical College & hospital, Chennai.
2017,21st -23rd July   Critical care & Electrolyte scenarios    TAPICON
Association of Physicians of India (Tamilnadu).

Participated in HIVMAI conference in Hyderabad in August 2012.
Participated in conference “Adherence to ART: Evidence to Experience “of HIV patients in Goa in April 2013.
Participated in “Unmet Needs in Diabetes Management” in August 2013, Chennai Participated in “National Insulin Summit” in September 2013 at Hyderabad. Participated in “Insulin Degludec Launch Symposium” in September 2013 at Chennai.
Participated in “International Speaker Symposium”, March 2014 at Chennai. Participated in “National Incretin Summit” in March 2014 at Chennai.
Participated in International conference”CART” on 26th April and 27th April 2014 at Chennai.
Participated in HIV Conference on 3rd May and 4th May 2014 at Columbia ASIA Hospital, Bangalore.
Attended John Hodgin’s HIV Program
Delivered a talk on VTE- Experience from India on 26/10/19 in VTE conference, Dubai
Participated in International conference HIV-AIDS in Indonesia.

Delivered a talk on Electrolyte disturbance in elderly in TAPICON 2019, Madurai
Speaker in API 2019, Kerala