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Plastic Surgery

Conferences organized by the department
CME on Cleft lip Nose Deformity 15 Jan 2004 Speaker : Dr. Jean Clause Tamant, Nante, France. Attendance 50

CME Programme on craniofacial surgery/ reconstruction and post bariatric surgery. 9th June 2014 Attendance 100

Facial reanimation in children    Dr. Ronald ZukerZuker

Gracilisflap , technique of elevation, clinical application     Dr. Greg Borshel

Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Management and advances    Dr. Greg Borshel/Dr. Robert Bains

Necrotizing Fasciitis-presentation and management    Dr. Robert Bains

Nerve Repair putting it together better: Research and clinical relevance    Dr. Gregory Borschel

Should we do upper extremity transplantation in congenital Anomalies??    Dr. R Zuker

Workshop: Cross Face Nerve Graft Lecture Hall, 4th Floor, OP Building, “G” Block 24.03.2015

Aesthetics chennai August 15 & 16th 2015  Attendance 250

CME : Management of Cleft Lip & Palate 5th and 6th  Dec 2015 Attendance 65

APSI ETHICON accredited course on TM joint and Vascular 15-16 July 2016  Attendance 54

Workshop on Botox, fillers And Peels August 14 2015 250

CME “Facial Paralysis Management” 23.01.2016 SRMC G Block 4th Floor Attendance 80

APSICON2005 ETHICON accredited course on TM joint and Vascular 15-16 July 2016  55

CME on 10th Feb  2015 International faculty Invited  Attended 250