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Sentence of the Day

Plastic Surgery

Research focus
1. UKIERI (2011 ongoing )(United Kingdom-India Education Research Initiative): Total Grant £ 40,000
This project supported by Britiich Council, Trilateral agreement between Sri Ramachandra Univeristy, Univeristy of Dundee, UK and Utah State Univeristy, Utah, USA for studying “Environment, Nutritional and Genetic factors as aetiology of cleft lip and palate” 

2.University of Utah, USA (2011 onward )Total Grant : $90,000
This is tri-lateral project between India, USA and UK fro “Environment, Nutrition and Genetic Factors as aetiology of Cleft Lip and Palate.” 

3.University of Washington, Seattle, USA : ($5000)
The Neonatal Intuitive Feeding TechnologY (NIFTY™) Study: Identifying Improved Outcomes in Newborns nable To Breastfeed  :
Christy McKinney, PhD, MPH, Principal Investigator 
Jyotsna Murthy, MS, M Ch, DNB, Co-Investigator2
Dr.  Binu, MD, Co-Investigator 
Roopa Nagarajan, PhD, Co-Investigator2Patricia Coffey, PhD, Co-Investigator 
Jered Singleton, MS, Co-Investigator3