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Sentence of the Day

Paediatric Medicine

Conferences organized by the department

The intra collegiate round of IAP Quiz was conducted in July 2008. Winners for the PG Quiz were Dr. P.V. Shaji & Dr. Manju Mary Verghese and winners for the UG quiz were Naga Sailakshmi Anusha & Lasya. T.

The intra collegiate round of Breast Feeding week Quiz was conducted in 2007.

The intra collegiate IAP quiz for undergraduates was conducted yearly. The last quiz was on 3rd of August 2007.

The first divisional round of the first IAP Paediatric Quiz for postgraduates started in the year 2007 also was conducted in SRMC.

Children’s day was celebrated on November 14th 2007 at Dhanvanthri Hall. There was a cultural programme in which several schools enrolling differently abled children participated – notably MGR School for deaf, Vidhyo Sudha and Sathyalok. We also had a nutritional demonstration by Nutrition Department, a Well baby contest and a Drawing competition for our inpatients and Special Children from Vidhyo Sudha.

AHA PALS programme SRMC 2007 & 2008 was organized by Dr. Shuba.

World Asthma Day was celebrated on 1st May 2007 and Asthma camp was organized and a public awareness programme was also conducted.


A one day CME on Adolescent Health was conducted on November 24th 2007 at Central Library Auditorium Dr. Latha was the organizing secretary, the CME Telelinked with Shaar Hospital and Rich Hospital, Nellore.

A half a day CME on Chronic Respiratory Disease of Children was conducted on 12th of May 2007 which was organized by Dr. Padmasani.

Guest Lectures are given by senior persons from different specialties from other leading Institutions (National & International) every month in the department.