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Sentence of the Day

Community Medicine

Outreach and community activities
1. International Women’s day Celebration:
International Women’s day Celebration was held at the  RHTC Vaya-lanallur along with Faculty of Nursing.
The Programme was started with prayer and Ms. Poongodi, delivered the welcome address and the inaugural address by  Prof.Dr.G.Palani. A Nutrition exhibition was organized to highlight the importance of Nutrition of Adoloscent Girls and Women in General.A Role play with theme of womens’ rights was enacted by B.Sc Nursing Basic FI year students. Competition were held for the women audience on Rangoli construction, Quiz Programme, Elocution and Cooking Prizes were distributed for the winners.
65 women were participated and the programmes were well received and appreciated by the audience.
Groundnut candy was distributed to the participants The Programme ended with a vote of Thanks by Mrs. Umadevi Lecture at 11.30AM.

2. Word Health Day Celebration:
Word Health Day Celebration was organized and conducted at Rural Health & Training Centre of SRMC & RI, jointly with  Department of Community Health Nursing on Theme of Stop High Blood Pressure
The B.Sc. Nursing Students conductd plays on the theme and Lot of Health Education activities was performed by Staff of RHTC. Dental Staff performed the Health Education activities about How to Protect Teeth and Gums by giving examples and guides in Order to have good Oral Hygiene.

World No tobacco day is observed on 31st May all over the world every year to educate the public about the Ill effects of Tobacco Use.
As a  part of “ Word No Tobacco Day “ celebrations, Department of Public Health Dentistry Faculty of Dental Sciences Sri Ramachandra Univercity Organized a FREE ORAL CANCER SCREENING AND AWARNESS CAMP at the Dental Wing of RHTC., Vayalanallur
Telemedicine Conferencing for the Public with the experts from Dental College was conducted in co-ordination with Telemedicine Department of Sri Ramachandra University
Total No of Patients screened: - 80 Patients
7 Smears and 2 Biopsy were taken
Biopsy taken for the Patient Named Mr. Subramani aged 54 years re-vealed the presence of well defined squamous cell carcinoma. Patient was referred to Faculty of Dental Sciences Sri Ramachandra University for further management. He was admitted and treatment planed. Patient is under going Chemotherapy at present.

On the eve of Children’s day, a health screening camp was organized at RHTC campus jointly by RHTC, PHC Sooranchery and Department of Community Nursing, SRU.  The camp was organized for under five chil-dren and 105 children benefitted.  Nutritional status assessment was done by anthropometry and clinical examination and growth charts plot-ted for all the kids, immunization was given by the village health nurse, PHC Sooranchery for the eligible children.  Case sheets were written and referral advice was given to few of them. The children were given snacks.

5. Dengue Awareness camp
RHTC, Vayalanallur and Department of Community Nursing, together conducted a Dengue awareness camp.  Nursing Students organized a skit on symptoms of dengue, early reporting and health seeking for symptoms suggestive of dengue and brought awareness among the general public.  Also charts displaying Female Aedes mosquito, the symptoms, time of bite and protective measures to be taken were kept and shown to the public.  There were 90 beneficiaries.

6. ENT camp at RHTC, Vayalanallur
An Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) screening camp for school children was conducted at RHTC, Vayalanallur by the joint effort of ENT Department, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Department (SLHS), Sri Ra-machandra Medical College and Research Institute and RHTC, Vaya-lanallur .School children, 61 in number studying in standards I to VIII,  from the Panchayat Union Middle School (PUMS), Vayalanallur were the beneficiaries
Each child underwent ENT examination by the ENT team from our col-lege followed by audiogram by SLHS. .  38 students were diagnosed to have one or other ENT problem and treated appropriately.  2 of them were referred for tonsillectomy to SRMC.  Students were prescribed drugs from our pharmacy.  The Records of the students with the drugs and instructions were provided to the teachers separately for each stu-dent.

7. Report on International Women’s Day Celebration
 International Women's Day was conducted at Rural Health and Training Centre, Vayalanallur by the departments of Community Health Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing   along with RHTC .    Rangoli, Cooking and Quiz competitions were conducted for the women residing at Vayalanal-lur village to encourage their skills.     Many women participated enthu-siastically in all competitions.      Inaugural address was rendered by Dr. Vanishree, Medical officer- Health, RHTC, Vayalanallur on the theme. A power point presentation on stress management was presented by M.Sc. Nursing II year (Psychiatric Nursing) students and the group in-teracted well. After that prizes were distributed to the winners and con-solation prizes were given to all participants in various events.  130 women from areas in and around Vayalanallur village were benefited from this celebration.

8. Report on “World No Tobacco Day” celebrations:
The dental department of RHTC organized a free “Oral Screening and Counseling Camp”. Around 23 patients were examined, 4 smears were taken and 10 patients were counseled.

9. World Breastfeeding Week celebration at RHTC, Vayalanallur: 
An event was organized in RHTC on August 6th by the Community Nursing Department with the help of Pediatric Department and Clinical Nutrition Department, SRMC&RI. Around 20 mothers and 30 other ben-eficiaries.

10. National nutrition week:
It was celebrated at RHTC by the nutrition department. 60 beneficiaries.

11. Child health camp
In commemoration of the Children’s day – 2014, a Health appraisal camp for children was conducted at Thirumanam Panchayat in the FPDA of the RHTC, Vayalanallur with active support and Participation of Specialists from the following Institutions / Departments
1. Dept. of Community Health Nursing, Sri Ramachandra College of Nursing
2. Sri Ramachandra Dental College
3. Dept. of Ophthalmology
4. Dept. of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery
5. Dept. of  Dermatology
6. Dept. of Clinical Nutrition
Anthropometry, Grading of the Nutritional Status, Clinical, Ophthalmic, ENT, Skin and Dental examination and Screening for Congenital anomalies  and speech defects were the services rendered.
Memento and mini chocolates were distributed to all the children attending the camp.
A total of 86 children  from 0 to 12 years attended and benefited by the Camp and 10 of them were referred for higher medical care.

12. World Oral Health Day
An informative digital scroller was installed in the Rural Health and Training Centre, Vayalanallur to provide information and create awareness about the various Dental Procedures. The function was facilitated by the Dean, Medical College SRMC and Dean of Faculties, SRMC and Dean Dental College and HOD, Public Health Dentistry.

A free medical camp was conducted at RHTC, Vayalanallur which was organized by SRMC & RI for the 67th birthday of Makkalin Mudhalvar Amma (670 special free medical camps) along with all the staff of RHTC, Vayalanallur with active support and Participation of Specialists from the following Institutions / Departments.
1. Sri Ramachandra Dental College
2. Dept. of General Medicine
3. Dept. of General Surgery
4. Dept. of Community Medicine
5. Central laboratory
6. Sri Ramachandra College of Nursing
Beneficiaries screened and treated were 188. Medicines were dispensed for 3 days at free of cost. Lab investigations were performed for 18 patients and X rays were done 30 patients free of cost.  14 patients were treated for dental problems.