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Sentence of the Day

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Ambulatory care clinic timings
S.No Name of the Clinic Days on which held Timings Average No. of cases attended Name of Clinic In-charge
1 Ante-Natal Clinic All days 8am -4pm 200- 220 Unit Chiefs
2 High Risk pregnancy Clinic All days 8am -4pm 40- 60 Unit Chiefs
3 Post Natal Clinic All days 8am -4pm 10-14 Dr Swetha Gulabi
4 Cancer Clinic Monday 2pm-4pm 3-5 Dr Sirisha
5 Infertility Clinic Monday to Saturday 11am -1pm 15-20 Unit Chiefs
6 Gynae Endocrine Clinic Thursday 2pm-4pm 6-10 Dr Shruthi Prashant
7 Family Planning Clinic All days 8am -4pm 15 -20 Dr.Nithya Naaram
8 Menopausal Clinic Tuesday 2pm-4pm 10 -12 Dr Sindhuja
9 Any other Cancer screening Urogynaec
All days


8am -4pm


15 -20


Dr Nandhini
Dr Dhana Lakshmi