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Courses offered:
MBBS, MD (Anatomy), PhD (Anatomy)

Training :
All training provided is via a blend of didactic lectures, seminars, hands on dissection and histology lab practicals. The full potential of computer based learning is fully exploited to make learning more engaging and interesting.

Teachers training:
The department has highly experienced teaching faculty. All faculty members have undergone extensive training in medical teaching technology and go through regular teachers training refreshers courses. Additionally, all teaching faculty are also extensively trained in production of e-learning modules in alignment with the changing pedagogical scenario across the world.

Innovative teaching :
The Anatomy Dept has been at the forefront of introducing the MOODLE Learning Management System of the e-governance portal. The LMS is very popular with students as all academic content including high quality video recordings are available for students 24 X  7.

Highly engaging e-learning content is produced in the department by faculty members themselves. High quality video and audio recordings are conducted at the Swayamprabha AV studio. Faculty members are trained to conduct post recording processing and upload content on the e-learning website. Additionally, various commercially available educational software are regularly used for imparting training in anatomy.

The Dissection hall is the temple of anatomical learning. With high class infrastructure and air-conditioning, audio and video equipment, computers and LCD Projectors, interactive white boards etc,  medical students at SRMC explore the mysteries of the human body under the able guidance of experienced teachers. For the last 3 years, an innovative “cadaveric oath taking ceremony” is being undertaken to sensitise the students towards the human values and ethos involved in Body Donation programme for the benefit of Medical Education and  Research.

Virtual Histology lab is another innovative teaching method adopted by the department. High resolution images from the Nikon Binocular research microscope are projected via a LCD projector for teaching purposed. Additionally, digitally scanned microscopic images can be projected via the LCD projections with variable resolution ranging from 1x to 40x. The digital microscopic images are annotated with text and embedded audio recordings of various features in every tissue. Additionally, the dept also has a high resolution android tablet based microscope  where images from the microscope stage are directly viewed on the tablet screen. An Interactive white board is also present in the histology lab to make the learning sessions more interesting.