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Clinical focus
Cadaveric Skills Workshops:
Since 2007 the dept has been providing fresh frozen cadavers for Cadaveric Skills Workshops conducted by Depts of General Surgery, Arthroscopy, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Anaesthesia amongst others. Since 2017, Superior embalming techniques have been introduced for surgical skills workshops. The new techniques use formalin free chemicals for embalming of cadavers. A State of the Art Cadaver Bioskills lab has been inaugurated in December 2017. Till date more than 100 Cadaveric Surgical Skill Workshops have been conducted at the Cadaveric Bioskills Lab.

Embalming services:
The department provides round the clock embalming services. Dept of anatomy, Sri Ramachandra Medical college and Research Institute is one of the 3 government approved embalming centres in Chennai. Highly trained staff, state of art infrastructure are available in the department for embalming. Only high quality chemicals and approved preservatives are used for formulating the embalming solution.

Body Donation Program:
The department pursues an active body donation program whereby people are encouraged and motivated to donate the dead bodies of their near and dear ones for the purpose of medical education and research.